quinta-feira, 20 de agosto de 2009

o pug do mês de agosto

Pessoal, o Bonitão é pug do mês de Agosto no site PUG SPEAK nos EUA:
Agradeço à Mary Crissman por essa homenagem. Entrem no link


e durante o mes de agosto, poderão ver o nosso Bonitão lá.
Deixei registrado abaixo o texto para que, mesmo após esse período, vocês possam ter acesso a ele.

Pug of the Month
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PugSpeak Pug of the Month - August

Meet Bonitao of Juiz de Fora, Brasil - August 2009
Tue, 28 Jul 2009 08:00:00 CDT
Meet Bonitao!
Pug mom, Angela Nabuco (of Nabuco Pugs) tells us Bonitão's story:
Bonitão (American Brasilian Uruguai Ch, Multi BIS and BISS Baker Street´s Inspector Lestrade) is now 13 years old. He was one of the top-twenties in USA in 1996. We bought him from Carol Giles at this time. And as aptly named, Bonitão means handsome in Portuguese.
Bonitão was our stud dog and we are thankful for the wonderful pugs he gave us! In Brasil, he got all titles in the showring (including 4 BIS) and was a sweetheart in our lives.
Now he has cervical hernia, and can not walk anymore. He couldn´t even move his head and body in January.
But his great example was given now, to all of us: he never gave up! He is too old for a surgery, but is under treatment (physiotherapy sessions and acupunture), and made a lot of progress since January: now he can walk on his chair, and is still the liderance over the pugs he shares his days.
Bonitão is a happy senoir, who is always trying to improve his life. We love him so much!
A Note From PugSpeak: Angela, thank you for sharing Bonitão's story. He is a beautiful, beautiful pug who is brave, valiant, and steadfast! Please give him a kiss from us!

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  1. hahahaha, adorei..
    Pensei que ia abrir um link e encontrar uma foto dos tempos de glória, "posudo" em alguma exposição ou do lado de algum troféu.
    Parabéns Bonitão!